Self portrait photo

I was born sometime around the beginning of the 80s, somewhere in the frigid wastes of Northern Minnesota. After climbing absolutely everything, which drove my mother nuts, something magical happened; I discovered crayons. It was such a momentous event that no one was able to remove them from my little hands. I eventually graduated to drawing with pencils. One of my favorite activities as a child was drawing the characters from Street Fighter II while the game was paused. With an uncle as an artist to look up to, I found myself spending much of my time drawing. Eventually, I was able to dabble with other forms of media. Somewhere in there I picked up a camera and fell in love.

My sophomore year in high school I joined the Arts honor classes but eventually felt unchallenged. In my junior year of high school, I began to take art classes at the local community college. This was when I found real passion, not only in myself, but my fellow students as well. I took all the classes for which I could find time. Then I found an opportunity to attend college in Arbroath, Scotland. While there, I worked through a Higher National Certification in Fine Arts. This covered various media such as painting, illustration, sculpture and photography. I became more involved with photography and bought my first SLR, a Minolta X-700 with a couple lenses. I still own and use this camera, from time to time. This was also the time that I first started using a darkroom. Now I not only had the ability to create an image, but I could alter it as well. Glory! Not long after, I started using Photoshop for photography, as well. I had previously used it sparsely for drawing and design, completely ignoring it's true intended use.

When I returned home from Scotland, I increased my efforts in both painting and photography. I started spending full days in the darkroom on black & white work. My experience in the darkroom also led to a greater understanding of how to use Photoshop for photo manipulation. After a time, I no longer had access to a darkroom, so I had to settle only with Photoshop. There were some benefits to this, like no smell or mess. I continue to learn the program every time I use it.

I then began taking classes with the Art Institute Online in the Game Art & Design program. I had to leave after only a couple semesters and got a job as an in-house graphic designer for a multi-million dollar electronic component distributor. I worked in that position for about two and half years, where I returned to the Art Institute Online for Media Arts & Animation for a few semesters. I, unfortunately, had to leave once again. I then moved job position to a Video production and animation position within the same company. I have also been working freelance in photography, image manipulation and restoration, and graphic design in the meantime. I hope to expand on this in the near future.