I am a recorder of sorts. Though I am not a journalist. I will not change a scene, as I prefer taking images of things that are already there. I rarely pose a shot. I will try to find the interest in the composition and angle on the subject.

I take photographs with a fine-art nature. When I am composing a shot, I look to the value and color of the subject, but I also generally have an idea or vision of what I want it to look like in the end. I then alter, or paint if you will, my image in post to suit that vision. This can be as little as simple contrast adjustments or as much as a multi-layered file with a variety of changes.

I can find beauty in nearly everything, from decaying buildings to the intricacies of a leaf. I can only hope to accomplish to reflect a fraction of the beauty found throughout the world in my photography.


I try to paint with meaning and beauty in the same image. I generally start with an idea that means something either socio-politically or just something personal and find the beauty in that idea. Other times I try to capture the beauty of a found object, particularly something from nature, such as the Leaf series of paintings.

I use both acrylic and oil paints, primarily on stretched canvas. I almost exclusively build my own frames and stretch my own canvas. I also particularly like to create paintings that have some level of sculpture to them, be it something attached to the canvas (such as The Eye painting) or simply thick brush strokes.