Year: 2009

15 Dec

Free seamless cloth textures

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Here is another set of totally free textures for you to use at your whim. They are completely seamless, so you can loop them as many times as you want and not be able to see a seam whatsoever. Of course, the more they are looped, you will notice some repetition, but I do generally remove any big blatant indicators of it.

Soon to come will be a video on how to create these, from the photo taking to the computer.

I do appreciate if you mention where you obtained them if you do use them. And let me know if you do and share what you made using it. On to the goodness!

Right click and hit save as to download.
Download the whole texture pack here in a handy dandy zip file. (31.8MB)

Square pattern tablecloth

Full size image here. (2848px x 2428px – 3.8MB)
Seen here repeated six times (the fold is intentional):
Square pattern tablecloth seamless texture

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01 Dec

Who is your client?

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America's Cup Building - Valencia, Spain - David ChipperfieldAmerica’s Cup Building in Valencia, Spain, designed by architect David Chipperfield. image from Wikipedia under GNUFDL.

In all aspects of commercial work, be it graphic design, photography, commissioned fine art, or architecture you have a client. I was listening to an interview on a BBC Radio 3 podcast the other day with architect David Chipperfield and he briefly brought up the question for his own architectural work, “Who is ultimately the client?” This question intrigued me and I wanted to follow up on it further. After all, this question can really be put out to a much broader base than just architecture. Who, indeed is the client for the work you produce?

The Billpayer

Obviously, the one that is actually giving you the money to do your work is ultimately the client, right? They are the true decision maker, because without them,
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24 Nov

If you suck at something, Do it.

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Many beginning artists avoid drawing hands and feet. And because they suck at it, they always draw their figures either mysteriously missing or hiding those parts or they are always off canvas. That is exactly where they go wrong. The only way to improve upon something is through practice. A person can sometimes learn proper method, but he still has to practice that method before he can really get it right.
rough sketch of feet

Everyone has one thing that they are sub par at, be it drawing hands and feet, or maybe overall proportion, or possibly composition in photography, or typography in design. So don’t feel bad if you suck at something. It is OK to be sub par, but only for so long. The way to overcome this is by
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18 Nov

Critique – Sarah S.

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I have learned through both college and work experience that one of the best ways to learn anything is through critiques of your work and other’s work. That is why, in the spirit of teaching through this blog, I am happy to critique the work of submissions from readers. If you would like a professional critique from me and learn how to better your artwork, be it photo, design, painting, et al, just read these submission guidelines and submit an image through my critique contact form. You can also email your submission to photocrit [at]

Photo from Sarah S. Prairie Smoke

Today I have a photo from Sarah S. She said she took this photo of Prairie Smoke (aka Old Man’s Whiskers or if you are really hardcore Plantae Tracheobionta Spermatophyta Magnoliophyta Magnoliopsida Rosidae Rosales Rosaceae Geum L. Geum triflorum Pursh) in the North Dakota Badlands handheld in a shady ravine. Looking at the metadata, it was taken with a Canon PowerShot S3 IS at f/2.7 at 1/60.

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12 Nov

Podcast Playlist

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In the vein of continuous learning, I subscribe to a number of podcasts. I thought I would share these with you, so that you can learn along with me! I broke these into categories so that you can discern which you would be most interested in. I only put podcasts that are current in this list. Click the name to go to their website or do a search in iTunes to subscribe.


Audio 2U - Shutters Inc Audio 2U – Shutters Inc – Great source of inspiration and technical and business information for photography. The hosts are great fun to listen to with a very laid back manner.

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