Free natural seamless textures!

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To show my goodwill to the world, here is a set of four natural (mostly) textures. They are all seamless; meaning you can loop, tile, repeat, etc. to your heart’s content and never see a seam. I am giving these to you, world at large, to use in any fashion you like, absolutely, positively, royalty free… well, there is one caveat, just don’t sell it as your own, unchanged as a texture. Otherwise, be my guest, get creative, or at least as creative as you can with a texture, and have fun. I appreciate if you mention where you got them and, if you like, send me an example of what you used it for.
If you would like your work critiqued by me, send me an email at photocrit [at] chrislanephoto [dot] com or use the critique contact form.
The images are all 2048 x 2048. If you want something smaller, resize the image to retain it’s seamless abilities.
Without further ado, here are the thumbnails, click them to see the full size image. Once you are on the full size, just Right-Click and Save as…
Gravel seamless texture
Oak Bark seamless texture
Grass seamless texture
Chipped paint on wall seamless texture

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