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In the vein of continuous learning, I subscribe to a number of podcasts. I thought I would share these with you, so that you can learn along with me! I broke these into categories so that you can discern which you would be most interested in. I only put podcasts that are current in this list. Click the name to go to their website or do a search in iTunes to subscribe.


Audio 2U - Shutters Inc Audio 2U – Shutters Inc – Great source of inspiration and technical and business information for photography. The hosts are great fun to listen to with a very laid back manner.

Martin Bailey Photography Podcast Martin Bailey Photography Podcast – Covering all matters of photography with an emphasis on landscape and flower/macro work from a British ex-pat living in Japan.


Boagworld Podcast Boagworld – Web design podcast with a focus mostly on accessibility and user experience. Definitely entertaining to listen to.

Creativexpert Podcast Creativexpert – Interviews with experts in the field of design, typically web related. Excellent hosts.


Freelance Radio Podcast Freelance Radio – A panel of successful freelancers covering design, writing and consulting. This is definitely one of the best.

Creative Independence Podcast Creative Independence – Bob and Chris cover a number of different topics. Always informative and entertaining. Also goes by the name Answers for Freelancers.

Dave Ramsey show Podcast Dave Ramsey – Advice on money from the nationally syndicated radio show. Can get repetitive after a while, but good to go back to from time to time.

48 days to the work you love podcast 48 Days – Advice on getting into the work you love. Can get repetitive after a while, but good to go back to from time to time.

Illustration/Fine Art:

Big Illustration Party Time Podcast Big Illustration Party Time – Hosts Kevin and Josh talk about the business and work in commercial illustration and comics. Definitely entertaining.

Art & Story Podcast Art & Story – Covers the art and writing involved with primarily comics.

Chris Oatley's Artcast Chris Oatley’s Artcast – Interviews with experts in art fields such as animation and illustration.

Art Institute Musecast Art Institute of Chicago: Musecast – Mostly about the AI of Chicago museum and their new exhibits.

BBC Radio 3 Arts and Ideas Podcast BBC Radio 3 Arts and Ideas – Talk covering a variety of topics from fine artists and writers to TV series, etc.


I Should Be Writing Podcast I Should be Writing – Interviews and writing tips from one of the first in the podcast scene.

Writing Excuses Podcast Writing Excuses – 15 minutes on various writing topics, mostly geared toward novel writing. Three hosts that make it entertaining and interesting.

The Writing Show Podcast The Writing Show – Primarily interviews with authors of all sorts.

Sydney Writer's Centre Podcast Sydney Writer’s Centre podcast – Interviews with (mostly) Australian authors.

Grammar Girl Podcast Grammar Girl – Short podcast covering common grammar mistakes. Mignon, the host, keeps the typically dry topic rather interesting.


Radio Three Sixty Podcast Radio Three Sixty – Music podcast that has a fair range from hip hop to electronica to chill, great to listen to while designing or retouching. They don’t come out with new episodes too often, but there is a backlog of (currently) 58 episodes at about 30-40 minutes each.

Dragon Page Cover to Cover podcast Dragon Page Cover to Cover – Podcast about fantasy and science fiction books and the publishing industry. Occasional writing advice.

Short Cummings Audio Podcast Short Cummings Audio presents Happily Domesticated – Short 6 minute humor essays from Kevin Cummings. Clean and on topics of life.

Stuff You Should Know Podcast Stuff you Should Know – Josh and Chuck provide a good laugh on a large variety of topics from body farms to how a hangover works. They research pretty thoroughly, so the info is good, but they are very entertaining. This one comes highly recommended. From howstuffworks.com

Stuff You Missed in History Class Podcast Stuff you missed in History Class – History lessons on little known topics such as the Caning of Charles Sumner. From howstuffworks.com

Tech Stuff Podcast Tech Stuff – Information on anything tech related from the history of Linux to alternate reality games. Another one from howstuffworks.com

Paranormal Podcast Paranormal Podcast – Entertaining interviews with the so-called experts of the paranormal field. Everything from apparent crackpots to Ph.D. laureates, with subjects covering everything from aliens to historical mysteries to vampires.

The Dark Verse Podcast The Dark Verse – Horror and fantasy short stories written in the style of H.P. Lovecraft.

The Geologic Podcast The Geologic Podcast – Humor, skepticism, music, and general ramblings from George Hrab.

Coverville Podcast Coverville – Music podcast focused on cover songs done by and covering a wide variety of artists and styles.

New Yorker: Out Loud Podcast The New Yorker: Out Loud – From the magazine, covering a large variety of topics.

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