Year: 2009

03 Nov

New Business Cards!

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Chris Lane Photo Business Cards

I recently ordered these from Overnight Prints. They are the “Value” card, in other words, a digital print. They aren’t the highest quality certainly, but pretty decent for the price. I chose the uncoated cardstock, which is pleasantly thick. I actually cut the corners myself with one of these. It wasn’t too big of a deal to do myself since I only ordered 50 cards this time around.
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27 Oct

Horror movie photography

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With Halloween coming up at the end of the week, this is the perfect time to reveal a photo shoot and retouching series I worked on for the upcoming independent film Sidragasum & the Damned, from Spookshow Films. These photos are being used as promotion for the film. The shots here are of the main antagonist. Visit Spookshow Film’s website for more information.

Sidragasum & The Damned Spookshow Films

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18 Oct

You must experiment!

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Failure to experiment leads to craft shows and chintzy work.

The whole process of creating art is completely subjective and open to interpretation at all bounds. I want to urge everyone to not be afraid to experiment in their work. Artwork can be created by the numbers, but most viewers will be able to tell it is done in a formulaic way. It won’t stand out amongst the crowd. I recently attended a local arts & craft show and I couldn’t count how many people were selling mostly the same stuff. If it wasn’t rock bracelets, it was plywood cutout figures. They might be good at what they do when making those figures, but they weren’t willing to experiment. All of them looked the same, to the point I was wondering if they weren’t homemade but rather being resold from elsewhere. That means that they were either being made from a pattern or the entire genre has simply become stagnant.

The thing about experimentation is that no one has to know. Photography, for example, is great for experimentation. It is so easy to try something new, especially with digital cameras. Try getting lower, to the point of laying in the grass, and get a shot from a worm’s eye view.
Grass closeup

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12 Oct

Critique – Jason

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Today’s image comes from Jason. I emailed Jason to see if there was any further form of contact, but he didn’t reply. If you are reading this Jason, feel free to leave a comment below if you have a website or gallery space anywhere you would like to direct people.
Image for critique from Jason
Here he has a photo of a couple in love. I like the fact that their hands are clasped. Compositionally, this is a fine image. I’m guessing there wasn’t much model direction here, but the fact that the man has his knee up is a definite boon to the image. The knee is a nice visual offset for the falling hair of the woman. I think the composition would actually be significantly weaker if his leg was straight.
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