Prisoner: A Graphic Short Story pg. 1 & 2

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Here it is, the debut of Prisoner. I’m going to keep this brief and just for the pages. You should subscribe on the left side so you don’t miss a page. Otherwise, you can expect to see two pages posted every other day until the comic is completed. View the author’s website here.

Prisoner comic page 1
Prisoner comic page 2

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The words from the images:
Page 1:
The man convulsed so strongly he thought his flesh would shake loose from his bones.
There was no warmth, darkness surrounding him on all sides. The night, as all those before, had lasted an eternity. Eternity stacked upon eternity until he thought he would go mad. Perhaps, he reasoned, he already had.
He shook this notion from his mind.
Page 2:
The fires of pain in his ribs testified otherwise. Just as his hurts drove sleep far beyond his reach, it did likewise to the madness.
Thoughts of death danced about his mind, teasing and tantalizing. Prodding him in their sickening way, remaining out of grasp but tormenting all the same. Was his life too great a price to pay for the end of his suffering?

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