Prisoner: A Graphic Short Story pg. 11 & 12

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Prisoner comic page 11
Prisoner comic page 12

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Page 11:
Instead, his mind filled with vivid pictures of what was happening in the next cell. The pictures he created were so real he could feel them, and he shuDDered in sympathy. Cutting a man’s ears might produce that loud a wail. Perhaps it was the heated irons. He still bore scars from that. Maybe, just maybe, the man in the next cell—
Page 12:
The screams increased until they changed into frantic gurgling. A moment later, silence fell.
It was not the first time since his capture that he had heard a man die that way. He hoped it would be the last. His mind dwelt on it; was consumed by it. It dominated his thoughts. The ghosts of the sound resonated like echoes in a canyon within the confines of his tormented mind.

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