Prisoner: Backcover Bonus!

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One more page as a bonus, the backcover!
I also wanted to mention you can get the full comic compiled in a handy dandy free ebook! Also available is a Print version for $6. Take a look at this page to get the free ebook or links to the other versions.

Prisoner comic backcover

See what you missed in the graphic novel here:
The cover.
1 & 2.
3 & 4.
5 & 6.
7 & 8.
9 & 10.
11 & 12.
13 & 14.
15 & 16.
17 & 18.
19 & 20.
21 & 22.
23 & 24.

Stay tuned for the process coming up in my next post!

The words from the images:
A Graphic short story of a tortured prisoner who clings to his only source of hope; a photo of his daughter.
About the author:
Dean Mehrkens, author, speculative fiction writer, and general oddball, lives on the frigid plains of northern Minnesota with his wife and seven children. He occasionally finds time to write stories, and really likes pie. Read more of his newest work here.
About the illustrator:
Chris Lane does just about anything that comes to art including illustration, photography and graphic design. His education is primarily in fine art from Arbroath College in Scotland. He lives with his loving wife, two sons, four dogs and two cats in the frigid Northwest Minnesota. See more of his work at

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