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Here is a new illustration project that I recently did for my own family. I am giving the chance to win a similar customized illustration to one lucky reader. See the bottom of this post for details.

Family Name Illustration © Chris Lane Photo

This idea came to me out of my love of typography and particularly illustrated style. It started from sketching the name of my son before he was born. I think we were still in the process of deciding on a name, just playing around passing time. I had come up with something that I liked and thought, what would it look like with the whole family. Adding in three more names definitely increased the difficulty level to make it cohesive. So I first wrote out the names in just a simple manner. Once I decided on how they could generally go together I went another step and gave the letters weight. I based it mostly on Helvetica Black though I modified it in some cases (some more obvious than others) such as the M shape is quite different. After this sketch was finished, I took it to the computer. I used the sketch as a reference and very basically blocked it out with text. Then, name by name, I created my type as outlines and point manipulated it into what you saw at the beginning of this post.

The Contest

The winner can have a max of 10 names in the design and your choice of color. If you don’t have a family, you could consider a gift for a friend or family member, or alternatively provide the names of some influences or people you admire in your life. The winner will get a 8×10″ 300dpi jpg file + I will ship one 8×10 in print to you. If you prefer a larger size, let me know how big you want it and you can just pay the difference above 8×10 – these can go as large as you want). Prize is a 300$ value. To enter, post a comment below this post or tweet the message “I entered in a #giveaway to win a custom name #illustration from @chrislanephoto” I will gather the entrants names at the end of two weeks and put them in a random number generator to find the winner. Good luck.

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