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Not long ago I completed a logo and identity system for a local Thief River Falls, MN business called techWALK. techWALK is run by Paul Mooney, who contacted me for the design work. Click here if you would like to hire me for graphic design work. I quickly sent him my logo design questionnaire so that I could get a better idea of what he required and what his business entails. techWALK is a computer repair and consultancy with no previous branding. His request was that the logo show traits of Patience, intelligence, friendly, understanding, and loyal.

My design process starts with mind mapping out or brainstorming all the associations I can come up with to do with the business. You can see an example of this below:

techWALK mindmap

After I exhausted that, I decided on a few themes to follow. I particularly wanted to avoid the cliche of a computer clipart type, so I decided I would work directly with the name. My prominent idea was to promote the WALK part of the name, as a road walk sign. I did a number of sketches working out the ideas. I used Google images of walk signs with both the walk symbol and the word as inspiration. I also followed the idea of a street, a crosswalk, steps, and some others. Here are some of my sketches. I tried to keep some of the tech idea in the design by use of a modern sans serif typeface.

techWALK idea sketches

I decided on my strongest ideas and sent them to Paul to see what he thought. The first was on the idea of a crosswalk with tech in a tech type font and the walk like a WALK word sign. The second idea I followed was using an inspiration of the walk symbol combined with the K and the final idea was along the lines of the steps with the K just having feet. Below you can see my black and white initial ideas done on the computer. I almost always start with a black and white design because I believe that a logo that works in monotone should be able to work in any almost any other color scheme later.

techWALK initial concepts

Paul preferred the second concept, that I dubbed the K-man. He also liked the steps concept from the third, which I thought could work into the second concept pretty seamlessly as well. So I did some revising of the logo, particularly with the shape of the K-man and worked on some color concepts. I presented these to Paul:

techWALK color concepts

He preferred the third option, so I did some more minor refinements and presented a final logo. He was very happy with the result and I moved on to the business card and letterhead design. I wanted to work with the steps and the K man rather prominently and it was a priority to show the web address. I like vertically designed business cards as they tend to stand out among the crowd, but I didn’t want to discount a horizontal design either. So I made a number of sketches of my ideas and presented one option to Paul. Here are my sketches:

techWALK business card sketches

I went with #1 for the front and #5 for the back. Paul was pleased with this and I took a similar route for the letterhead design. If you are in the Thief River Falls area and need computer repair you can contact Paul through his website (of which I did not design). Here below is the full identity system that I designed for Paul at techWALK:

techWALK identity system

Testimonial from Paul Mooney, techWALK:

Paul Mooney - techWALKI’d like to thank you for your work and design skills. I hope you were pleased with everything as I was. I am excited to hear people’s reactions to the design and will pass on the good word for you if anyone shows interest in hiring design work for themselves.

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