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Back to School texture set
It’s fall and that of course means the back to school season, though the retail markets start their back to school stocking in July. I think that is a little ridiculous. But what I have for you here is a very large set of high resolution textures that can be used for any kind of back to school, education, or classroom type advertising or imagery. The following textures have been created on a real antique schoolhouse slate. Yes, the stone. The ‘board’ was very heavy but as authentic as it gets. Thanks to my sister-in-law Becky for letting me use it.

So what I have for you here are three high-res seamless textures of blackboard slate itself, followed by a full letter set (3 upper case and 2 lower case of each letter) and numbers (2 of each number) and symbols (one of each). So it is quite a large set of textures, all available completely free. I ask that you give me a notice if you use them. You can use them for anything, commercial or personal, 2D or 3D. Just don’t turn around and sell them.

Each letter/symbol image is 1436px square. Each blackboard background is different, so you can see those below. All of the letters/symbol images are transparent .png files, so that they can be used on nearly any surface, but more easily combined into an image like the one I made for the header of this blog post. The tileable backgrounds are .jpg files.

For the entire texture pack, download this .zip file. (86Mb). This is the only way to get the letters, numbers, and symbols.
For example of the letters, here is the full set of As:
A blackboard letter set

Here are the seamless blackboard background textures (available individually):

Blackboard 1

Full size image here. (2562px x 2552px – 3.33MB)
Seen here repeated four times:
blackboard seamless texture

Blackboard 2

Full size image here. (2400px x 2492px – 2.18MB)
Seen here repeated four times:
blackboard seamless texture

Blackboard Smooth

Full size image here. (2400px x 2492px – 2.13MB)
Seen here repeated four times:
blackboard seamless texture

Texture suggestions?

If you have any suggestions on future tileable, or otherwise, texture sets just pop in a comment below or send me a message. And see the links below for other free high res seamless textures.

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