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It was a while ago that I asked for recommendations on which 3D robot to make. Well, I finally got a chance to work on it for some time. I decided to go with something relatively simple for now, but when it is done it shouldn’t look simple. The one I decided to work on I call the sweeper bot and is relatively small and moves something like an inchworm. Here is what it looked like in my original sketch:

Original sketch of the sweeper bot

I took my initial sketch and expanded on it in more detail. I added in the mechanism to make it work and a little bit of style. Here is my working sketch for that:

Detail sketch of the sweeper bot

So once I had that how I wanted it, it was time to go into the 3D software. The below two images are the initial working models. I started with just one unit of the string, as once is done, it is basically just putting in as many copies as I want the thing long. This is still really the beginning stages of the modeling still, but I thought I would put up a progress post anyway. With this you should be able to see where it is headed. Next is fleshing out the model better with more detail. After that I will probably texture it and then get it rigged and animated.
Any and all comments welcome below.

Initial 3D render of the sweeper bot

Initial detail 3D render of the sweeper bot

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