Year: 2011

30 Dec

Fire nightscape

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This week I have a very wide panorama photo of a nightscape with a line of fire. This is an old one that I just now got around to putting together. I was burning some grass on my property a couple years ago and of course I thought I should take a photograph of it. This panorama is made up of 12 photos that I had to splice together manually in Photoshop, as the photoshop function wasn’t working for whatever reason. This doesn’t show up that great in blog size, so click on the name below to get it in a free wallpaper format of 2500 pixels wide.

Fire in the night

Fire Nightscape © Chris Lane Photo

23 Dec

An experimental photo

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I originally intended for my Friday photos to be of an experimental sort. I want to try something new, something I haven’t tried before, something different. So when I was browsing my enormous backlog of unedited photos I came across this shot below in a group of test shots I was using to set up for a family photo. I ended up using the cats from this frame to photoshop into the group (have you ever tried taking a family photo with 5 animals?!) but otherwise this photo is generally just trash. But I thought, eh, what better way to experiment with something than a picture that really doesn’t matter if I “screw up.”
So I tore this picture apart with layers and and various things. I was just looking for something interesting, it didn’t matter whether the picture succeeded or failed as a picture on its own. But I did end up liking the result. I don’t think I’d frame it for a wall, but it has an interesting, to me, graphic quality about it. I’d love to hear what you think. This is Friday photo #27?

Graphic Couch

Graphic Couch © Chris Lane Photo

20 Dec

Zombie illustrations and a print review

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Zombie Illustration

Today I have to show a set of zombie illustrations I made throughout the year. These are made for a private event as the invitation poster to give to a select few friends. I wanted to demonstrate first the posters then go in a little deeper and review the two different printing companies I used, and

The posters:
Zombie Night poster 1

Zombie Night poster 1 Close up

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29 Nov

Wednesday morning sunrise

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Sorry I haven’t been posting in a couple weeks. I’ve been quite busy with winter preparations, holidays, and revamping my website. So quickly here I am going to post a sunrise photo from Wednesday November 23rd. This Friday I will post a sundown from the same day. Enjoy