Anderson family photos

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A number of months ago I had a family photo shoot with my sister-in-law’s family. I went to their house and we shot in a number of different places in their yard. They have two small children, Zachary who was 5 at the time and Jade who was 2 at the time. Each have had a birthday since then.

Anderson family photo

It was a beautiful day, but the sun was quite strong. Most of the photos were taken in the shade to cut down on the contrast. A more diffused look is generally preferable, especially if the sun is very high.

Playing in the grass

Jade was a bit shy for the camera that day as she had recently gotten up from a nap. I thought these next two photos showed both of her sides of personality very well.

Jade peeking around a tree

Jade smiling

Nothing better than a bond between father and son, perfectly portrayed in this photo.

John and Zach

The kids ended up having a lot of fun I think. And we even got the dogs out to have their picture with the family. Over all it was a great shoot in the summer and I look forward to photographing them again next year.

Zach and Jade

Andersons with dogs

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