3D hair and snowstorm test

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Here I have a short little animation test that I thought I would share. I was testing snowfall, or rather a storm, with the hair module in Cinema 4D. Unfortunately, this vimeo link is pretty low quality. (if you can’t see it, you might need an HTML5 browser or the latest Flash player installed)

The snow is created with three different particle emitters and a wind modifier. The ground is created with a landscape object. The hair ball is fairly standard hair, though I added frizz and adjusted some settings like thickness. The wind modifier for the particle system also affects the hair. The background is just an image on a sky.
The problem I have with the snow is that though it does get evidently thicker in the distance, it doesn’t really ‘fog’ out the background. This could be amended with an environment object. The other unfortunate thing with this scene is how long it took to render. It was ridiculously long and at the time I was using a PC with 8 processors and 12Gb RAM. I think this was mainly due to the materials and the lighting. For the snow on the ground, I was using something that was provided from Maxon and though it looks great, it has a reflection channel. Reflection with this many instances falling all over the place is just asking for trouble. The lighting was done with HDR/Global Illumination from the sky (and a separate light for the hair) and again, with this many particles flying all over, it was intense. The lighting overall is a bit strong, I think.

I have an idea to use this for a further animation later. I would have to modify some things, but we’ll see how it could possibly fit. I’d love to hear what you think, please comment below.

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