The Eyes

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I missed last week’s Friday photo post. I will try not to make that mistake again. So here is today’s, number 13 (or so, I guess I’m bad at keeping track).
This is a shot of my son from last summer. He was about 4 months old or so at the time. Did you know I do infant portraits? I have a few in my portfolio over here. Which reminds me, I am still working on my site restructure, it is just going terribly slowly. That is how it typically goes, unfortunately. I have been busy working on other stuff and trying to keep up with this at the same time.

This photo is shot at 1/125 at ISO800 and f/5.6 in ambient light. The focal length is 300mm on a 70-300mm lens.

The Eyes of the son

The Eyes of the son © Chris Lane Photo

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