Wide angle and cross-processed

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For my friday photos, or my 52 week project photos, I try to do something different than I normally do. This time around (#16?) I used a very wide angle lens to start with. This was shot with a Tokina 11-16MM F/2.8 lens that I rented from Borrowlenses.com. This particular photo was shot at the widest setting at 11mm. The lens has a near focus distance of only 1ft, so I got right up in Jamie’s face to take this. I wanted to fill the frame as much as possible, while still being in focus. Wide angle lenses really distort faces for portraiture, but they can have a very interesting and fun effect. To distort the photo all the more, I did a Curves layer that does false cross-processing. Cross-processing has to do with film processing, but in digital, it just gives some interesting color effects. I also boosted the sharpness to the extreme and a few other random things. I think it came out with a really interesting result. Thanks to Jamie for being the subject of my experiments.


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