Featured Artist – Leslie Moroney aka @lamcreate

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For this Featured Artist, I am interviewing someone I met through Twitter (follow me). I found her images to be quite inspiring in their imaginative composition. I also love interviewing people that I find inspiring and especially those I think are rising artists. It is a good way to find out what or how they are thinking of things and how they work. And of course I have to share so that I am not the only one that benefits. Also, hopefully Leslie will get more of an audience to share her work. You can find her either here on flickr or on Leslie’s website. So with that, on with the interview.

dark beauty

What is the first creative or artistic thing you remember doing?
It started with drawing when I was just a kid. I used to spend lots of time just doodling with any paper I could get my hands on. My dads cousin had pencil drawn portraits of us kids that my dad kept on the wall when I was growing up. I would always look at those in awe and want to draw just as good as he did.

Do you consider yourself a mixed-media artist or photographer or something else?
I would have to say I consider myself a general/modern artist. I use many creative outlets to create what I do.

What made you get into photography?
It just happened. I wanted to get into a new hobby and really enjoyed taking pictures and have not stopped since.

house of dreams

What kind of education do you have in the field?
None to speak of. I guess you could say it is all self taught.

What do you think makes a photo fine art, beyond just a pretty picture?
It really has to start with honest emotion. I believe the photographer or artist has to feel something or have an emotional reaction to whatever it is they envision.

came smoke on the water

How do you market your work for sales, licensing or anything else?
I mostly use my personal website and social media sites. I try to get my work out there to as many people I can.

What was the most inspirational thing or moment in your life?

It really started with a photography artist named Maria Delakou (Maradinn Photography). I saw her work years ago and was just purely floored how she could create such beautiful images and tell stories with her photography. It inspired me and showed me that I could create art through a camera lens.

Who or what inspires you regularly?
My daughter is one of my biggest inspirations. Her creativeness and imagination really inspire me. I also am a big gothic novel fan and that helps inspire the dreamlike themes to my work. Another thing that purely inspires me is all the creative minds of so many talented people out there I have come in contact with these last few years.

along came a wind..

Your images are very dream like and often contain birds. Do they symbolize something? Are there other symbolic elements to your images?
Birds are just something that always seemed so natural in my works and a thing I always just came back to when creating my images. I guess animals in general are a running theme and have some-what of a symbolic element. I grew up with animals in my childhood and they represent a past. They also represent all the natural things around us and why maybe they are so common in my images.

Do you ever use elements from stock or elsewhere in your creations?
In some work yes and others no. I try to use all my own work. Lately it’s been no stock and 100% all my own stuff.

over the moon

Your images are also fairy tale like, have you ever written a story to go along with an image, or vice versa?
Actually there has been a couple old folk tales that were inspiration for some of the images. As I did with an image I called “A Russian Tale.” Inspired by an old childrens Folk Tale entitled “The Golden Fish” by Lilian Gask. In a picture I did entitled “Imagination,” the story just was a vision in my head as soon as I saw the playground wooden made boat. That would make a really good story and maybe, I will eventually write a story to go along with that image as inspiration. It has been a long goal to be published and have one of my pictures inspire the creation of a novel.


How much time do you put into your photo editing workflow?
A lot of work goes into my images. It starts with a small idea or inspiration and it builds on from there. It could take hours or even days worth of composing an image. I could end up adding several different layers like a painter would or like an author building on a great epic story leading to a great final end before its all finished.

Do you have a workflow soundtrack, music you typically listen to while editing?
For sure. For me art/photography and music go hand in hand.
These are the ones the get played every time I am working on something…..
Red Hot Chili Peppers “Snow (Hey oh)”
Amos Lee “Windows Are Rolled Down”
Florence + The Machine “You Got The Love”
Black Ghosts “Full Moon” – This one basically describes what my art is if it were put into music (this is what it would sound like) =]
the rest is what ever mood I am in..

twister in the corn

What would you suggest to a photographer/artist just starting in the field?
I would say don’t lose focus on why you do photography/art. Always do it because you love and are passionate in your work and in return it will always show in the work that you do…

And most importantly, Cake or Pie?
Pie! 🙂

free bird

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