Self Defacement, a horror composition

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My latest photo I think fits neatly into a semi-horror genre. It is at the least revolting, in my own opinion. And it just so happens to be me. Or at least a compilation of images of me, composed together into one vile photograph. First, here is the photo, then a little more about it below:

Self Defacement © Chris Lane Photo

About the photo

The photo is made up of 28 total layers, which includes many photos as well as some adjustment layers and various things. I started with a neutral base photo of myself. Then I just took a slew of photos of myself doing various things to mess up my face. I didn’t use all of the images I made, but the majority of them. So, all of the defacement is manually done, not liquefied or altered much at all within Photoshop. The camera settings are thus:
Shutter – 1/25
Aperture – f/5.6
80mm focal length.

As for lighting, I have a bare fluorescent light slightly behind me and camera right. Another bare incandescent light slightly behind me and camera left. Some fill directly behind camera. The different types of bulbs give the warm and cool colored light to either side. This helps with the uneasiness of the feel of the image. I also increased the contrast and did a bit of color adjustment, adding in some subtle green and blue tint to the image overall. This also enhances the disturbing effect.

To give an idea of the retouching process I went through with this image, I made an animated GIF that shows each step. Then smoother in reverse. Here you can see that.

Self Defacement process © Chris Lane Photo

So, what do you think of the image? Think I should turn this into a series? Leave comments/questions below.

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