Photo manipulation collaboration extravaganza!

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I recently approached a number of twitter photography friends about doing a small photo collaboration. The idea was, I will take a photo and everyone, including me, would edit or manipulate it in any way they desire. I left total creative freedom to the editors. Here they all are in thumbnail view together:

Collaboration thumbnail images

So I actually took a small group of photos for an idea I had a little while ago. My idea was sort of a reverse sunrise behind the character, rising darkness instead, in an almost graphic way. I increased the size of the crow and the dog as well as many other color, contrast, and other stuff. I ended up adding darkness tentacles as a later idea, still not sure if I like that part or not. To add to the disturbing nature of the photo, I added in contrasting clouds that are actually upside down. Though not immediately noticeable, the unnaturalness of this makes the viewer slightly on edge. My image is just below:

Darkness Developer © Chris Lane Photo

I can’t say what went through everyone else’s heads when they did their manipulations, but I definitely loved doing this. Below you will see all the other images at 650px wide (I wish I could show them larger, but these are the restrictions of my blog design) along with their name, twitter name and web address.

© Chris Nitz
Chris Nitz

© Chris Maskell
Chris Maskell
(I also did an interview with Chris)

© Chris Deutscher
Chris Deutscher

© Jeremy Cupp
Jeremy Cupp

© Leslie Moroney
Leslie Moroney
(I also did an interview with Leslie)

© Eje Gustafsson
Eje Gustafsson

© Reem M
Reem M

© Loc Lam
Loc Lam

Don’t ask why there are so many Chris’ in the list, it’s a coincidence, I swear! Anyway, sound off in the comments. What do you think of our experiment? Do you have a favorite image out of the group? I’d really like to do this again, and actually I already have an idea of what to do. Please subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

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