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I was recently invited to participate in a program called Community Supported Artists by the local Northwest Minnesota Arts Council. This is a program that gathers together 9 artists to each create a limited edition print or artwork to be distributed amongst “subscribers” to the program. Below, you can see the photo that I submitted for collectors to receive.
So, for each month for three months, three artists each create a piece and produce 50 prints or copies. Then once a month there is a reception where the artists and patrons get together to distribute the work, meet and greet, and all that sort of thing. The artwork “shares” just went on sale within the last week or so and are expected to go fast. The shares (9 works by 9 artists) are only 300$, which is an incredible deal. If you would like to get in on this deal, contact Therese Jacobson via email or via phone 218-745-9111.
This is by no means limited to local patrons, anyone anywhere can buy them and shipping will be added. I can’t say for sure how much the shipping is, but I’m sure it is reasonable.

My contribution

My print is 12×16 with a canvas backer board, protected in a (removable) clear cellophane bag and an included artists statement and letter to the patron is included.
The Traveler © Chris Lane Photo

Each artist creates 50 editions, so it is a very limited release. I can’t necessarily say for the other artists, but for my print in particular, there will never be another print of this photo produced. Below is a photo of the editions signed and numbered.

The Traveler signed © Chris Lane Photo

Here is a little excerpt from my artist’s statement on this image:

…it is brimming with symbolism. With my art, I try to have some kind of message or story behind it and this image is a prime example. This is in honor of the great Renaissance artists, in particular the Dutch and Italian masters. The work of that era was filled with symbolism primarily because the general populace was illiterate. Obviously, you are not, as you are reading this letter, but symbolism is still a powerful tool in image creation. When you look at this image, try to look beyond what is simply in front of your eyes and try to figure out what each individual thing may signify.

Other contributions this month

The second artist, John Leopold, who is in fact one of my past art instructors in college produced a woodcut print. It is entitled “Shaving Angry” John is a printer and painter from Thief River Falls, MN, as well as an instructor at Northland Community College.

Shaving Angry © John Leopold

The final work in the first installment is a ceramic vase by Jenn Steinbrink. At the time of publication of this post, I did not have an image to attach. I will edit if I do receive one. Jenn is a potter from Crookston, MN and can be found on her website Krazy Kiln.

The rest of the artists to come in the following months include Robin & Lorrie Foster of Red Lake Falls who are making raku pottery, Paula Kallinen of East Grand Forks who is offering handpainted necklaces, John Charles Cox of Thief River Falls who creates mixed media pieces, Renee Jensen of Stephen who is bringing framed Hardanger embroidery, Jolene Juhl of Greenbush who creates hand-formed glass plates, and Jeanne O’Neil of East Grand Forks who creates intaglio prints.

So I hope you get to take advantage of this spectacular deal to buy some original work by some fantastic artists in the region. If you have any questions or comments on the artists, work, or anything else, sound off in the comments section below.

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