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Last year I started a tradition with these zombie party illustrated posters for a small group of friends of mine. Every quarter I host a party for my friends where we watch really bad zombie movies and play zombie video games and play zombie board games. It is really just an excuse to get a group of guys together and have some fun for an evening. In 2011 I illustrated the posters. In 2012, I wanted to change the style to something else. So I decided to make them fully typographical with a little extra to make it as if the posters were hanging around in a zombie apocalypse. I was inspired by a couple things. One inspiration was the safe areas in the game Left 4 Dead and the sequel aptly named, Left 4 Dead 2. And the design style was based on a series of ads from a stock photo company. I can’t recall the company anymore and I couldn’t find the ads online, unfortunately, but so it goes.

So, before the event I just email these out and then when people show up they get a free print on 12×18 matte heavy weight paper. I get these printed at my local print shop, Quick Print. They always turn out fantastic and I really like working with them.

Zombie Night 5

Zombie Night 5 poster © Chris Lane Photo

transcript: “Once again in about one months time on February 11th, the zombies will arise once again to try eat your brains. You must fight back or become one. Join the resistance at the Lane Estates at 6:30PM. Fight through the swarm in Dead Nation or survive in Dead Ops for PS3. Escape alive in Zombies!!! the board game. Now with Zombie clowns! Then Laugh your human face off at their ridiculousness in Video Dead the movie. Enjoy the night, just be careful. They are everywhere you turn.”
and over the top “Run while you can!” with a hand print.

These are the things we enjoyed that night:

Zombie Night 6

This next one I wanted to escalate the personal message a little bit. So I wrote a little fake message to each of the people invited. Sometimes the message was written from an actual person, sometimes it was just a fake signature.

Zombie Night 6 poster © Chris Lane Photo

transcript: The zombies rise again. They feast on human flesh. Beware the apocalypse and prepare June 2nd. Arm yourself for battle. it all begins 6:30PM at The Lane Estates. Feast your eyes on the beauty and horror of The Gore Gore Girls from 1972 and laugh at the man with a fetish for smashing melons. Then attempt to escape the hoard in Zombies!!! the board game, now with dogs, the glowing ones, kids, and the granny+more! Traverse a city, a circus, the woods, a cemetery, and a secret military base. Will you survive?
and over the top: Brian, this is just like that one time at that one place. Remember? – L Jamie, just got a hummer, a 12 guage, and a sword. I’m like the M.F’ing Pter-O-dactyl! – C Charlie, sorry we left you back there. I thought you were infected. We’ll be at the place if you make it. Good luck – Corey, Turn back! don’t go to the meeting place, its swarmed see you in the next life – Dana Matt, I give up. I hope you do better – me Jeff, that place we talked about, it’s fully stocked. I’m headed there now – steve Sam, too bad about dad, but at least he left us a pile of guns. I’ll leave you a few. – C Joh, Pray for us. Joe was bit. One bullet left. I love you – Becky Brent, having the time of my life! see you soon! – T

These are the things we enjoyed that night (actually we never watched the movie and this time we skipped any video games):

Zombie Night 7

With this poster I decided for the words that I would use quotes or paraphrased quotes from various zombie and horror movies. Also, this time I wanted to go even more over the top and realistic. I wanted these posters to look they had seen some real action. So I decided to attack a part of it where I had printed some blood with an axe and shoot out part of the lower corner with bird shot from a 12 gauge shotgun (the classic zombie gun of choice, of course!). Luckily I live on a large rural property and i could just do this in my backyard. To show how these really looked for the people that got them, I took a photo.

Zombie Night 7 poster © Chris Lane Photo

transcript (see if you can guess the movies quoted): There is no more room in hell so the dead have begun to rise. in other words, they’re coming for you barbara! Beware, the fright night 0908 they will walk at 630pm. It all begins with Planet of the Zombies* (*err…vampires) if you haven’t turned zombie simply from fear and have a handy change of pants then proceed to fight for your life in Zombies!!! the modified board game. beware though, those they kill, get up & kill. While you’re at it, send…more…paramedics.

at this point we have modified the Zombies board game with so many house rules that it really has nothing to do with the original game besides the pieces anymore. We have added other pieces from this coin vending machine set. They apparently are also available on amazon

Zombie Night 8

The final poster of the year. How do I top the rest? At this point it was clear I needed real blood incorporated into the poster, not just printed. So I mixed up some corn syrup base blood from a recipe on this site and applied it to the posters with an added slash across the center. The nice thing about this particular blood mix is that when it dries it becomes candied. So it still looks just like it did when it was wet, thus making the posters appear to have fresh blood on them. Pretty demented, but perfect for the theme. Again, to give the best example, I had to take a photo to demonstrate.

Zombie Night 8 poster © Chris Lane Photo

transcript: Zombies everywhere. no hope for survival. do you give up and fall to the incessant waves of undead or do you arm yourself and fight. if you think we still have a chance, join me nov 30th @ 630pm at Lane Estates and battle like you have never battled before. take notes on their behavior in the film Fido, as this may be our last chance for humanity.

we unfortunately missed out with Fido, as it was no longer available on instant on netflix, so we found some other stupid zombie movie instead.

So that was the years worth of zombie posters. What did you think? Do you have a favorite? Did you prefer the illustrated posters from last year? Do you have a suggestion for an upcoming year in style? I think for 2013 I will be doing a movie style photo poster, but I haven’t made any of them yet.

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