This is the biggest collaborative project yet.

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You may have seen my previous collaboration project with 8 others via twitter but this time I decided to go bigger. I also completely changed the format of how we went about the effort. Previously, I gave each person the same set of raw files and told them to do whatever they felt like doing with them. This time, I started with one finalized image, handed it off to the next person to do whatever they wanted, and then their file would go on to the next, and the next and so on until everyone was finished. The only image each person saw was the one handed to them, so everyone is completely in the dark at this point. Well, today will be the big unveiling.
The rules were simple, anything was allowed, except they had to leave one part of the image intact, or at least recognizable, and add or change at least one thing. The beginning image was one I recently showed for a local art collective program I was a part of, called The Traveler. Below I will post the size that my blog will allow with the name of the manipulator beneath, then at the bottom of this post I will put them all together in a more concise manner.

Collab 2 Img 0

Collab 2 Img 1
Leslie Moroney

Collab 2 Img 2
Jeremy Cupp

Collab 2 Img 3
Bryan Dockett

Collab 2 Img4
Jenna Petrone

Collab 2 Img 5
Eje Gustafsson

Collab 2 Img 6
Gary D Chapman

Collab 2 Img 7
Loc Lam

Collab 2 Img 8
Pete Glogiewicz
Pete on Flickr

Collab 2 Img 9
Reem M
Reem on 500px

Collab 2 Img 10
Chris Maskell

Collab 2 Img 11
Chris Nitz

Collab 2 Img 12
Jeremy Cupp (again, he was feeling rather uninspired the first time around, so I gave him a second chance>

Collab 2 Img 13
Here I finished out the whole project.

And finally, here are all the images together next to each other in order to see the progression a little more clearly.
Collab 2 complete

So what do you think of that? I had fun with the project, but it lasted a really long time. It started back at the end of August 2012, so that makes it nearly 7 months along. Next collaboration will have to be a shorter project like the previous one. Do you like these? Should I do another collaboration project?

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