Into the Milky Way

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To the exact opposite end of the intense fog that I posted earlier this week, I have an example of the extreme clear skies from around where I live. I admittedly live in the northern Minnesota boonies. The closest town is only a few hundred, with 30 miles away is a town less than 10,000. I have to drive an hour to get to a city over 10k. This is very nice in some regards, but not in others.
One of the obvious benefits is the amazing skies we get. The landscape is very flat as well, so you can see for miles. Here I took a photo of the night sky when we had a site of the aurora borealis to the north. The photo below is more south westerly. The shot was taken at ISO 1250, f/3.5, at 30 seconds. This is a upward panorama of three shots. You can see that my camera added quite a bit of noise because of the high ISO and time, but I think it turned out fairly nice anyway.

Into The Milky Way

Into the milky way © Chris Lane Photo

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Into the milky way © Chris Lane Photo

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