#SooC52 Week 2 photo – Footwear

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Continuing the challenge from last week. This week’s theme was chosen by Pete “footwear.” As always, the photo has to be straight out of camera (SooC) with no post editing.

My original vision was to shoot a line of shoes with a baby in one of my large boots. Unfortunately, my almost four month old baby was too big to fit! I think she would have fit fine when she was a newborn, but she’s obviously been growing a lot. So, that idea was scrapped.

The second idea I had was having me laying on the floor covered in innumerable shoes, as if I were attacked. Maybe having a line of shoes leading toward me. Like a trail of ants or something. I didn’t want to bother going out into our storage shed to get all of the shoes to make it enough to be worthwhile. It just would have been a lot of running. So, that idea was scrapped.

I was sitting around with my wife discussing ideas, or trying to come up with something when she said, what about old and new baby shoes? I wasn’t sold on the idea at first, but the more we talked about it, the more we could add to it to make it interesting. So, it isn’t just about the footwear, but I think that is a main part of it. Add in a few dated books, an elephant toy of either generation, and a means of lighting, from candle in old to push button battery powered LED. I shot this available light on an antique velvety chair. Pretty simple setup overall.

Then and now

Then and now ©Chris Lane Photo
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