#SooC52 Week 6 – Green

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This week in our Straight out of the Camera challenge was an interesting topic chosen by John – Green. Well that could certainly go in a number of directions. It took me a long time to come up with a subject in this case. I didn’t really want to do something as simple as a house plant. Though I did think it would be cool if I could macro down so far that you could start to see cells in a leaf. Alas, I don’t have that capability.

I did have a pretty cool idea that I might follow up on later, though probably not in a SooC method. I was going to shoot a scene where I played the part of Popeye the Sailor Man. The idea consisted of me wearing a white A-shirt and a white round sailor cap. I could fairly easily make a corn cob pipe then of course in my hands I would have crushed cans of spinach. In front of me I was going to have my friend bearing down on my like Brutus and my wife dressed as Olive Oyl on my shoulder. The green part of the image would be the spinach flying out of the cans toward my mouth, as Popeye always did when he was about to get in a fight. This was one of the biggest parts that I was having difficulty figuring out how I would accomplish it. I also didn’t have that much time to be able to put together a costume – namely making the sailor cap. Maybe I was just feeling a little lazy. I have some other projects on my plate apart from this as well, to which I should devote more time.

So, scrapping that idea I went back to the macro idea and kind of threw in the towel. We had some small green squash around, so I thought I’d get one of the knobs with some directional lighting and be done with it. I did end up adding a couple little monsters just for effect. These guys are about an inch tall and squishy rubber. I tried double sticking tape to the bottom of them but it wouldn’t stick. I guess they are an odd material. So I ended up jamming toothpick ends into them and sticking them a little into the skin of the squash. I put a flash at 1/8 power through a softbox camera right and low and another flash 1/32 camera left and about even with the creatures. I think they look like they are standing next to a little bistro table or something. And for some reason one of them reminds me, of Greedo from Star Wars. Really, neither of them look like Greedo, but whatever, anyway, thus the name.

Oh yea, and I left the red table cloth visible because John said he chose ‘Green’ because all of my photos seem to have red in them lately. So take that Mr. Pemberton!

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