#SooC52 Week 7 – Water

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We are really getting moving into this Straight out of camera challenge this year. This week we picked up a new contender, David “The Heed” Baker and at the end of the cycle he chose “water” for his topic. Next week we start the rotation over again with Eje choosing a topic. If anyone else is interested in joining with us in this challenge, let us know! There is always room for more, of course.

So, living in the frozen wastelands of northern Minnesota, my wife actually was the one to suggest to me to shoot frozen water. In which method, I wasn’t initially sure. Eventually I came upon an idea that seemed pretty cool in my head, no pun intended. What I wanted to do was carve a block of ice into something, probably an abstract shape with lots of angles and then using the sub-surface light scattering properties of ice by shooting my flash from under or behind. Well, that’s what I did. Only problem that I came across was, the ice I used wasn’t remotely as clear as I had imagined in my head. The ice in my photo came from a bucket that was used for dog water when it wasn’t freezing temperatures. So it came to be filled with ice in layers with snow melting and freezing and creating pretty opaque ice and intermixed with grass or leaves. So, the light wasn’t going to do what I expected it to do, but that’s ok. When I took these pictures my wife said it looked like marble. Thus, the name I chose.

The way I set this up was as I said before. I floated a window pane on some books over a black background cloth. Under the glass, almost directly under but slightly rear of the culpture is a YN560iii shooting straight up at 1/128. Behind the sculpture and pointing at the “head” of it is another YN560iii at 1/16. Camera settings are below the photo.

Marble Water

Marble water © Chris Lane Photo
ISO50, 1/200, f/11, 50mm

and an alternate lighting scheme, with one to the rear and side of the sculpture and the other over and slightly behind:
Marble water alt © Chris Lane Photo

What did you think of my take on the topic of water? Let me know in the comments below. And make sure to visit the rest of the crew’s photo interpretations below:

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