#SooC52 Week 16 – Smoke/Fog

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This week, which is actually a couple weeks behind now at this point, was chosen by Eje. He chose Smoke or Fog. I took this topic a little bit different. I was thinking of doing something with incense, but that was done to death by the other guys. Then I thought I’d do something with atmospheric perspective, where everything gets hazy and bluer in the distance, due to all the air and atmosphere between your eyes and the distant object. You can read more about atmospheric perspective here. It is a pretty basic tenet of art training, particularly in painting, since when you paint you have to do it consciously and when you take photographs, it just happens anyway.

I never got around to taking that shot, but there were some pretty brilliant clouds one day while I was working outside, so I decided that’s the next best thing. And what is a cloud but fog in the sky in a concentrated area? So I shot a number of them, but here is what I will show today:

Deep Clouds

Clouds © Chris Lane Photo
Canon 40D, 70-300mm lens @ 300mm, 1/200, f/25, ISO200

I also edited this shot to have more contrast, sharpened a bit with a High pass filter, and altered the color somewhat. I also removed some spots that must be dirt on my lens, or possibly the sensor. So here, is my post processed version.
Clouds processed © Chris Lane Photo

There you have it. Now I better get to work and catch up!

Here’s the other hooligans. Dropping Bruce as he claims he’s too busy, but I bet he’s just watchin soaps and eatin bon bons!

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