#SooC52 Week 19 – Cloud

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This week’s theme was chosen by John. Unfortunately, I chose to interpret the smoke/fog by shooting a cloud picture. So, I had to come up with a different way of doing it than I did last time. So I went back to an idea I had for the mirror photo, where I could shoot some clouds mirrored in a puddle. It was very wet in the yard and driveway still, and a nice cloudy day, but I wasn’t overly satisfied with how the photo turned out. Then I shot some cool sunset clouds, close in on them and thought I could use that. Then I was working on my lawnmower and the garage was getting filled with exhaust smoke. The big door was open, but it was kind of pooling up in the roof rafters. My garage is a pretty crappy old shed and the roof has holes in it. When I looked up I saw the light shining through the smoke making a pretty neat image. So I decided, since I shot clouds for smoke, I’ll shoot smoke for clouds. So here is that image:

Pillars of Light

Smoke © Chris Lane Photo
Canon 5D Mii, 80mm, ISO400, f/5.6, 1/20, ambient light only

I probably should have bumped up my ISO, so I could increase the aperture number to extend the Depth of Field a bit, but I think still an interesting image. Thoughts?

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