#SooC52 Week 21 – Remember

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I am way behind in this. I believe approximately four weeks since the last post! So here I am trying to catch up. Everyone is busy and lately it’s only Pete and I that have been at least trying to participate. Not sure what happened to everyone else, but maybe they will catch up later as well.

So, this week (the 21st week) was chosen by Loc and was a fairly conceptual theme – Remember. This one caught me up and I wanted to do something pretty cool, but as life goes (and especially lately) things got busy and I either couldn’t nail down a concept or didn’t have the opportunity to follow up on any of my ideas. So, I came up with this.


Remember © Chris Lane Photo
ISO250, f/2.5, 1/80

It’s pretty lame, to be honest, and kind of an admitted white towel (surrender). I just want to get past this subject and move on to the next ones and be caught up so I can focus again. So, this is basically just about how people look at photo albums in the digital age. I opened up a folder with a bunch of family photos of kids and others and more or less took a screen grab, but with my camera. I thought about doing variations with a physical scrap/photo book next to the screen or something similar, but decided on just this. Using the lens that I did, the edges are a little bowed, which was surprising since I used a 50mm on a full frame camera (Canon 5D MII), which I thought was supposed to be zero fisheye. Guess I was wrong there.

In this size of an image you really can’t see any of the photos on the screen, but in the full size version (a 24″ monitor with the program at full screen) you can see some, but not many details. This is somewhat reminiscent (no pun intended) of memories, as they are generally fairly vague. Maybe not this vague, and it certainly depends on the person and the memory, but for me this is somewhat accurate. Many memories, all together, but none of them sparklingly clear. That’s unfortunate. I really wish I did have a better memory, and I’m sure it will only get worse from now on as I age. I am 30 now, but my memory has never been the best. My cousin on the other hand, superb memory. He always reminds me of things that happened in our childhoods.

Anyway, more images to come in the next couple days as I pump out these SooC images!

For now, I’m just going to post Pete’s blog here, as he is the only one caught up!
You can see Pete’s work here.

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