#SooC52 Week 28 – Glass

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I have to say, I’ve had this week’s shot for a little while now, just haven’t had the time to post about it. Week 28, from July 13th, was glass, chosen by Pete.
I was originally going to shoot the glass of a camera lens, but apparently forgot about that plan when I did this one instead. My kids were asking about lava lamps one day, though I don’t recall why. I told them that we had some from when Melissa and I were teenagers. We still had them in a box in a shed somewhere and had no idea if they would work. Somewhat miraculously, through repeated frozen winters and very hot summers (at least inside storage), two out of the three that we had still worked! Kids loved watching them, though their comments on lava are fairly typical for 4 and 6 year old boys. I’m sure you can use your imagination…

I thought, since they have such interesting shaped glass, and even more interesting internals, that it would make an interesting photo for the subject. So, the plan was to shoot this at a very slow shutter speed to get a lot of movement in the lamps. The metal flake one circulates at a pretty decent speed, but the lava lamp goes fairly slowly. That isn’t necessarily a problem, but it was interesting to think about and how slow of a shutter I would really need. In the end, because the lamps generate so much light, even with aperture and ISO stopped down as much as I could, I didn’t really get as slow of a shutter speed as I would have liked. To contend with the lamps were the sunflowers that were only receiving let, so they are fairly dark. I think it still looked pretty interesting.

Groovy Man

Glass © Chris Lane Photo
ISO 50, f/22, 10 seconds, 50mm

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