#SooC52 Week 29 – Dirt

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This week’s theme, and I’m still way behind on this, is Dirt. I chose the theme, partially because I was walking outside at the time and saw our enormous dirt mount from our foundation construction, but also because I know Pete works in construction so it should be easy for him to get a shot. Then again, he said that “dirt” does not equal “soil” in their version of English. Despite that, whenever I pick a word, I usually pick something that can be interpreted in multiple ways.

When I picked the word, though, I immediately got an idea in my head that I thought would be fun and would perfectly fit the theme. You wouldn’t think getting a bunch of kids to play in the mud would be difficult, but it was surprisingly. It didn’t take a great amount of time to get Tristan involved, especially when he could get me muddy as well, but Damien, and especially Anastasia, took some time. Eventually though, they were having a blast, running through puddles, smearing mud all over themselves and each other (with a little help from me to get full mud coverage).


Dirt © Chris Lane Photo
ISO 50, 50mm, f/1.8, 1/1600

This one is a little on the dark side. I had some other shots that were “better” exposed, but I actually like how this dark one looks a little more. Maybe best would be somewhere in between.

After they were covered from head to toe in dirt, I said I’d have to hose them down. They convinced me that running through the sprinkler would be more fun, so I let them do that. I certainly wasn’t going to let them in the house like this! Even after the sprinkler I had to change their bath water about 3 times to get them truly clean! But this shot was definitely a fun photo and fun process to get. Hope you like it.

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