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04 Jan

Featured Artist – Leslie Moroney aka @lamcreate

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For this Featured Artist, I am interviewing someone I met through Twitter (follow me). I found her images to be quite inspiring in their imaginative composition. I also love interviewing people that I find inspiring and especially those I think are rising artists. It is a good way to find out what or how they are thinking of things and how they work. And of course I have to share so that I am not the only one that benefits. Also, hopefully Leslie will get more of an audience to share her work. You can find her either here on flickr or on Leslie’s website. So with that, on with the interview.

dark beauty

What is the first creative or artistic thing you remember doing?
It started with drawing when I was just a kid.
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23 Sep

She’d kill me if she knew I posted this

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My wife I mean. This is actually a lighting test shot from my blog post earlier this week, but has now become my latest in my 52 week project (that just so happened to be on hold for about a month!). So Melissa was holding our second son, Damien, while I got everything set up as I needed. So she wasn’t really paying much attention to me, though Damien was very fascinated with everything I did. So, I liked how this looked at the beginning, but then somehow, I think it was the background, it reminded me of a renaissance chiaroscuro painting. So I cropped to a square orientation, did some color adjustments and other stuff to further create this look. For some reason or other I also gave a slight burnt edge appearance. I think this turned out quite well for what I was going for. What are your thoughts?

Renaissance Portrait

Renaissance Portrait © Chris Lane Photo

01 Jun

Not all artists are designers

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It is a common misconception if someone can make pretty pictures of one kind, they can make pretty pictures of any kind. Unfortunately, this is quite a myth. Though I agree that design is art of a sort, albeit commercial based art, it is most definitely not fine art. Fine art is almost entirely subjective, whereas commercial art, be it illustration, design, editorial photography, etc, has a very specific purpose. Generally speaking, that purpose is to sell the viewer something. It might not be selling directly in an economic sense, but just to get the viewer to read an article. Alternatively, it can be something like user interface design, so that something is simple to use.

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11 May

Featured Artist – Patrick Loehr

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This month’s Featured Artist is Patrick Loehr. I came upon his work in an accidental way by picking up his first children’s book, Mucumber McGee and the Half-Eaten Hot Dog in a bargain bin.
Mucumber McGee and the Half-Eaten Hot Dog © Patrick Loehr
I liked the artwork from the start and read maybe a page or two at the store and decided it was definitely worth a purchase. I got it home and read it to my son. For any of those that have a two year old, you can understand that it isn’t easy to keep one still long enough to finish a book, even one so short, but he was attentive the entire time. As for me, I loved not only the illustration style but the writing as well. I highly recommend picking it up whether you have kids or not.

I don’t have it yet, but Patrick has a second children’s book
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