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14 Aug

How I almost lost nearly 200 photos

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…and what I learned from it.

I recently went to do some location/event photography at the county fair for the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council I was there for a number of hours and took a slew of photos (around 162 give or take) and promptly backed them up to my desktop when I got home. The following weekend I was going on another trip for the NWMNAC for photography so I dumped all my cards, just in case I had forgotten previously. Since there were many gigabytes of data, it took a considerable amount of time to move. So, not wanting to waste time just sitting in front of a screen waiting, I left it to go and went to do something else.

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24 Jan

Web design for photographers; a critique for Anthony Phung aka @APhungFoto

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Anthony used my critique request form to ask for a critique not exactly of his work but of the way he shows his work, namely, his APhungFoto website.

Home page

The first thing I notice is the nice clean design. I like how big the images are, though one problem with this is that part of the photo is obscured “below the fold.” What this means is that I need to scroll down to see the entire photo. One way this could be improved is to decrease the size of the header. I like the header, especially if it is actually a personalized signature. I am guessing it is not, though? Regardless, it looks personal. Though “Foto” in papyrus does look tacked on.
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28 Jun

My 2nd Anniversary! + Giveaway

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Coming on the end of June here, it will be the second year I have had my website and blog up and running. I will share some stats, a few favorite posts, and also a print giveaway!

How many people see my site?

As for the stats, I am very happy to announce that my traffic has dramatically increased. In the image below, you can see the blue line of current visits (with the numbers of monthly visitors) in comparison to the green line with the visits of last year. I am now nearing about 2000 visits to the site every month. June as listed below is slightly low, but there are 3 days yet unaccounted for here.

Before and After stats

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15 Jun

Studio Project – The Beginning

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I have begun a new pretty ambitious project. I am retrofitting an old wooden granary into my working studio. I am not entirely sure, but I believe it was built in the 1970s, but possibly earlier. The only reason I think 70s is because of a grain ticket from that era that is on an interior wall, though that really only says that is when it was once used to hold grain.

Here is the front, North and west side:

The studio in the beginning © Chris Lane Photo

Here is the back, South and East side along with two of my four dogs:

The back of the studio in the beginning © Chris Lane Photo

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