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31 May

You have to keep learning.

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I believe I have written on this topic both here and here to some degree before, but it is imperative in nearly any profession that I can think of. Never stop learning your trade. There are always new things coming out and you can really never know it all. Therefore, you must continue your education indefinitely.

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10 Mar

How to design a formal invitation

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Invitation closeup - header
My wife and I recently sent out these invitations announcing the future birth of our next child. This is our third child and we thought it would be fun to announce it with a formal & fancy meal. We instead decided on making a bunch of appetizers that people have probably never tried before such as artichokes, jacama, tomatillos, cactus leaves and other stuff.
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22 Feb

Package Design Critique

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I have learned through both college and work experience that one of the best ways to learn anything is through critiques of your work and other’s work. That is why, in the spirit of teaching through this blog, I am happy to critique the work of submissions from readers. If you would like a professional critique from me and learn how to better your artwork, be it photo, design, painting, et al, just read these submission guidelines and submit an image through my critique contact form. You can also email your submission to photocrit [at]

I was recently sent a design image to be critiqued from Renier. This will be the first design critique posted to the blog, so a big thanks to Renier for sending it in. So to start with, here is the original image:
Canosa designer cookware - original image


First of all, there is a nice layout of elements with the fresh vegetables. Even the direction of the vegetables is nice, as the pointed top of the onion and the direction of the spoon make a nice movement through the photo. Even the garnish on the top of the casserole adds to this. Personally I probably would have gotten closer with my camera and had less table around, but this composition still shows the product nicely. My main issue with the photo is that it needs more contrast and higher saturation. This would make not only the red of the dish better, but it would make those tomatoes really pop. Here you can see a comparison with just a simple S-Curve adjustment layer.

Canosa designer cookware - color improvement

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