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10 Sep

Brief interview and photos of the exhibition

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This will be just a quick update on my solo-exhibition at the River Walk gallery in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. It has been hanging for a little less than a week now. It will be hanging until September 28th, so you still have time to get out and see it if you are in the area. If you aren’t in the area, you can still purchase prints (each image is limited to 15, so get them quick!). Just send me an email chris
The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday 2-8pm, Sunday 2-5pm.

First up, I did a brief radio interview with Rom Ogaard of Pioneer 90.1. I have embedded that just below, so you can listen here.

I realize now, listening to this, I said “I guess” an awful lot! Other than that, I don’t think I sound too stupid.

Next, my friend and fellow photographer, Bruce Ulrich, wrote up a blog post about the exhibition and how he helped me come to the conclusion of the subject matter I ended up choosing for the show.

Another reminder to not forget about the Art & Wine walk, where I will be at the gallery from 1-5pm on Saturday, September 20th. Make sure you come around and say hi!

Lastly, here are a number of photos of the gallery, some taken by Therese Jacobson, coordinator of the gallery. You can see some more of the photos I haven’t yet shown, though, obviously, they look far different when in person! They are printed on metallic paper and pretty large to show off the detail.

Unseen Splendor Exhibition

Unseen Splendor exhibition photo
Unseen Splendor exhibition photo
Unseen Splendor exhibition photo
Unseen Splendor exhibition photo

Bonus photo with my family
Family of Chris Lane

25 May

A good government institution?

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I read a great article from the creativeCOW magazine recently about film preservation and restoration. I think the author, Ken Weissman – Supervisor of the Film Preservation Laboratory at the Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation, has the right idea in this. Most people would say to go straight to digital these days, but the simplicity of film can make it truly last forever. I think that there could definitely be a digital copy that people could access online, and under some kind of creative commons or open source copyright much like the Gutenberg project, for a lot of this stuff, though. Regardless, I like that someone is preserving this stuff and I think the United States Library of Congress is much like the great Library of Alexandria of old. Here are a few pull quotes from the article, which I highly recommend that you read in full here.

“These paper prints exist because of a vaguery in the copyright law at the time that motion pictures were invented.
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