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24 Aug

Free social media icon set

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A little while ago I designed some custom social media icons that I now use on my blog and web site. You can see them just below the subscribe links in my left hand sidebar. I had originally planned on giving them away for free, but never got around to it. So now I finally am. Feel free to use this icon package for whatever you like. In the .zip file I have each icon in 3 different sizes (100px, 75px, & 25px) as transparent .pngs.
Get the social media icon set here in this handy .zip file. (209Kb)
Here is an example of the different sizes of the icons:
free icon set size variant

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20 Aug

Blackboard and full letter/symbol – free high res texture set

Chris Lane / Free!, Textures / / 32 Comments

Back to School texture set
It’s fall and that of course means the back to school season, though the retail markets start their back to school stocking in July. I think that is a little ridiculous. But what I have for you here is a very large set of high resolution textures that can be used for any kind of back to school, education, or classroom type advertising or imagery. The following textures have been created on a real antique schoolhouse slate. Yes, the stone. The ‘board’ was very heavy but as authentic as it gets. Thanks to my sister-in-law Becky for letting me use it.

So what I have for you here are three high-res seamless textures of blackboard slate itself, followed by a full letter set (3 upper case and 2 lower case of each letter) and numbers (2 of each number) and symbols (one of each).
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27 Jul

Free Natural Seamless Texture Pack – Flesh

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I haven’t posted any seamless textures in a while, so thought it was a good time to do another. This one comes as request from Dean. Message me if you would like to request any textures. These are all totally free and large scale and you can use them for any project. They are completely seamless, so you can loop them infinitely and not be able to see a seam whatsoever. Of course, the more they are looped, you will notice some repetition, but I do usually remove any big indicators of it.

I only ask that you tell me how you used them and I might share a link for you on my blog.

Right click and hit save as to download. These images you can really only see the detail in the large size, so I suggest clicking into those.
Download the whole texture pack here in a handy dandy zip file. (21.2MB)


Full size image here. (2068px x 1760px – 2.95MB)
Bonus image with mole! (2068px x 1760px – 2.91MB)
Seen here repeated four times (+mole image):
Flesh seamless texture

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09 Mar

How to Create Seamless Textures video

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I just posted a new tutorial on how to create seamless textures in the vidcast section.

seamless textureSeamless textures are pivotal in 3D applications for things like the ground, fabric, etc. In these two videos I show how to create a seamless texture all the way from taking the photo properly to making it seamless in Photoshop. Apologies for the sub par sound and video quality in the photography video. I’m working on getting a better camera with better audio for the next live action video I make. Click here if you want to download the seamless texture that I create in this video, along with the others I mention in the first video. Or click here for all of the texture packs I’ve created, all for free. The first video is 2:42, the second is 9:08. That second video was difficult to cram about 45 minutes of work into that short of time, so at times it will seem very sped up and truncated.

If you missed it, don’t forget to watch the other tutorials available here.

If you have anything to add, let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe by clicking the link to the left for any updates, new tutorials, and more.

19 Feb

Prisoner: Backcover Bonus!

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One more page as a bonus, the backcover!
I also wanted to mention you can get the full comic compiled in a handy dandy free ebook! Also available is a Print version for $6. Take a look at this page to get the free ebook or links to the other versions.

Prisoner comic backcover

See what you missed in the graphic novel here:
The cover.
1 & 2.
3 & 4.
5 & 6.
7 & 8.
9 & 10.
11 & 12.
13 & 14.
15 & 16.
17 & 18.
19 & 20.
21 & 22.
23 & 24.

Stay tuned for the process coming up in my next post!

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