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19 Mar

This is the biggest collaborative project yet.

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You may have seen my previous collaboration project with 8 others via twitter but this time I decided to go bigger. I also completely changed the format of how we went about the effort. Previously, I gave each person the same set of raw files and told them to do whatever they felt like doing with them. This time, I started with one finalized image, handed it off to the next person to do whatever they wanted, and then their file would go on to the next, and the next and so on until everyone was finished. The only image each person saw was the one handed to them, so everyone is completely in the dark at this point. Well, today will be the big unveiling.
The rules were simple, anything was allowed, except they had to leave one part of the image intact, or at least recognizable, and add or change at least one thing. The beginning image was one I recently showed for a local art collective program I was a part of, called The Traveler. Below I will post the size that my blog will allow with the name of the manipulator beneath, then at the bottom of this post I will put them all together in a more concise manner.

Collab 2 Img 0

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06 Nov

a little sketchy

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For my blog night this week I wanted to do something a little different, or at least something I am way overdue. I sat down and filled some sketchbook pages. I started with some quick gesture sketches of my wife and kids as they were sitting or playing around in the living room.

gesture sketches

Then I looked around for something else to draw from and we had a framed antique photo of a couple that I am presumably related to. I don’t really know them, as it is quite an old photo, but I know it came from my grandmother’s box of photos. Anyway, this is Mrs. John Holm. She sure was a handsome woman!

Mrs. John Holm

Finally, I filled a page with some surreal stream of consciousness type sketching. I’ll leave the interpretation up to you, though I have my own ideas.

gesture sketches

I’d love to hear what you think of that sketch. Can you make up a story of the thoughts behind it? Sound off in the comments below.

20 Dec

Zombie illustrations and a print review

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Zombie Illustration

Today I have to show a set of zombie illustrations I made throughout the year. These are made for a private event as the invitation poster to give to a select few friends. I wanted to demonstrate first the posters then go in a little deeper and review the two different printing companies I used, and

The posters:
Zombie Night poster 1

Zombie Night poster 1 Close up

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09 Nov

Stream of consciousness drawing #3

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I present another drawing from the stream of consciousness. These are just an exercise in putting down my imagination to paper. There is no story or reason to anything, just simple drawing. Sometimes they give rise to an idea that I will go further with, but most of the time they aren’t really anything besides imagination practice. I definitely recommend giving it a try, and don’t hold back! Put anything and everything down that comes to mind.

Click the image for a larger size, to see it in full detail.

Stream of consciousness drawing #3 © Chris Lane Photo

If you like these, take a look at the others I have done so far:

12 Oct

Featured Artist – Illustrator Dwight Donarski

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As a young boy I always had the great opportunity to know a real live artist. Before I really knew of any famous artists both modern and historical I could look up to my uncle Dwight Donarski. He is a phenomenal illustrator that gave my parents a drawing of my brother and I of which they proudly hung on the wall. I was always amazed at his skill with the pencil and fancied that I could one day grow up to be like him. I still don’t think I have the technical skill that he empowers. He was the first to teach me shading with my crayons as a child and I have been encouraged and inspired by him ever since. I thought to share an interview I conducted with him so that others may be inspired by him as well.

I’m the younger one in this drawing from 1988:
Brothers illustration

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