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26 Dec

Recreation of history

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My wife recently wanted to do a project for her grandmother as a Christmas project. It involved recreating an image of her great grandmother, Georgia, on her wedding day. My wife, Melissa, already owned the wedding dress but she had to do some work to actually look like Georgia. The wedding was in 1930, so this is now 82 years later.

My wife has very long straight hair and Georgia had rather short hair with a wave to it. Georgia also wore a pearl necklace, which we did not have. Melissa did up her hair as best she could and we made a necklace out of a string of Kix cereal pieces. In real life, the necklace certainly didn’t look like pearls with their uneven shape and the color was way off, but I knew I was going to convert to black and white and I could fix some of the roundness later. It should work great at least as a place holder.

So, keeping an eye to the shadows in the original photo I set Melissa in the same kind of lighting. At first I wasn’t getting the shine on the waves of the hair quite the same, so I set up another light for highlights. I positioned Melissa as close to the same position and she tried to do the same sort of non-smile as Georgia.

As Georgia by Chris Lane (chrislanephoto)) on
As Georgia by Chris Lane

After the photo was taken, I converted it to Black and white with a black and white adjustment layer in Photoshop. I like this form of conversion because, instead of converting to grayscale, I can manually adjust the dark/brightness of the different colors on their own. After that I did some minor dodging and burning, adjusted the contrast with a curves adjustment layer, and finally put a layer with noise over the top to give it an older look.

I asked Melissa if she wanted me to Photoshop her appearance to look more like Georgia, particularly her neck is longer, but we decided to just leave it be. I think it has more meaning that she is herself and comes from Georgia, rather than just making her look like Georgia.

Overall, I think the recreation was a good success. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

24 May

Sunset Over River

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This is a bonus photo for this week, as I won’t be working on a long form blog post.
This is an HDR shot from my backyard. My wife and I had just gone for a canoe ride on the river here and I loved the sunset, so when we were finished I grabbed my camera, tripod, and set out to try an HDR. I took 11 exposures ranging from 1/400 to 1/8000 at f/3.5 and ISO 400.

Shot with Canon 40D with EF28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 USM set at 28mm. I used the auto-bracketing feature multiple times. HDR put together in Photomatix with some minor editing in Photoshop.

Sunset Over the River

Sunset Over River © Chris Lane Photo

11 Mar

And now for something different

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Here is this weeks photo for my 52 week project. I think this makes 5 so far. I really went for something quite different this time. I actually took this photo last night (Thursday) while my son and I were playing in the snow. I used the on camera flash (shudder!) to get him sharp and still and then the yard light was behind him. After the flash went off I had a 2 second exposure and moved the camera around, effectively light painting with the yard lamp. I’ve never actually done a light painting photo before, though have known how for a long time.
I don’t entirely know why I like how this photograph turned out, but I do. I think part of it is Tristan’s expression as he looks into the sky along with the totally odd light rings around him. I decided, for no apparent reason besides whim, to make this shot look like an old polaroid, or cross-processed print.
I’d really like to hear what you think about this. Let me know in the comments below.

Lights in the sky

Lights in the sky © Chris Lane Photo

03 Aug

Tips on photographing fireworks that pop

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Fireworks in Warren, Minnesota 2010 © Chris Lane Photo

I recently went to the local county fair where I shot a number of photos of the fireworks display. They had an impressive show and I’d like to share some of it and how to take great fireworks photos yourself. Unfortunately, photos never can really give a real indication of not only the scope, but the feeling of a fireworks display.

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