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17 Oct

#SooC52 Week 30 – Corrosion

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There was a pretty significant delay since my last post, especially in this Straight Out of Camera 52 series. As some of you know I had the gallery solo-exhibition, as well as some crazy stuff going on with my house and projects around that, and that doesn’t mention everything else including my 4 kids, three of which had birthdays in the last three months and the youngest turning one. So yea, we’ve been pretty busy around here lately. Somewhere in there I did have a chance to shoot some photos for this theme – Corrosion. I’m just not getting time to write this and post these.
I’ve always really loved old cars like these, with the curves and everything about this era. I don’t know precisely what kind of cars these are besides from the obvious markings, so if you know, tell me in the comments below. The photos were taken in the woods at my in-laws, and instead of choosing one out of the set, I’ll just post the whole set! So, enjoy! These are all SooC of course, with in camera settings set to increase contrast and saturation and the like, but shot to JPG. Photo info below as always.

*Update, just got word from a car friend of mine, Brandon, that this first one seems to be a 1951 Chevrolet Sedan. Looking up other photos online, if that’s not right, it’s really close.
Rusted car © Chris Lane Photo

Rusted car © Chris Lane Photo

Rusted car © Chris Lane Photo

Rusted car © Chris Lane Photo

Rusted car © Chris Lane Photo

This next one I set the picture mode back to standard because I didn’t want that much contrast, so more of the shadow would show.
Rusted car © Chris Lane Photo

Rusted car © Chris Lane Photo

A second car, clearly in the era of nuclear and rocket style design. *Update, my friend says this looks to be a 1951 Ford Custom
Rusted car © Chris Lane Photo

Rusted car © Chris Lane Photo

This is my favorite photo out of the set. I just love this dash so much.
Rusted car © Chris Lane Photo

Rusted car © Chris Lane Photo

It’s magic!
Rusted car © Chris Lane Photo

I wish my car had such a sweet looking gauge set.
Rusted car © Chris Lane Photo

Rusted car © Chris Lane Photo

Rusted car © Chris Lane Photo

And a bonus, because I thought it looked cool in this shed
Lost chair © Chris Lane Photo

Do you have a favorite out of the set?

We are all apparently struggling to keep up with these, but take a look at the other guy’s work for an alternate view on the theme.
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01 May

Snow on film

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I still occasionally shoot film. I love the mystery of it, the imperfections of it, the warmth and feel of film. I love analog. I still use my Minolta X-700 that I have had for many years to shoot 35mm. This winter I shot a number of scenes that I would like to share. These are generally unedited, though I did some minor dodging and burning. These are things I could do in a tradition dark room, though in this case I did the edits in photoshop. I intend on having a traditional darkroom in my studio, but that will be a few years down the line.
This is a repost from a fellow blog I co-run called No Megapixel, that is exclusively for film photography.

Enjoy the photographs and as always, let me know what you think.

Abandoned in Snow © Chris Lane Photo

Shack in Snow © Chris Lane Photo

Snow Road © Chris Lane Photo

Snow Skull © Chris Lane Photo

Tree Line © Chris Lane Photo

Winter Clouds © Chris Lane Photo

28 Feb

Does this still apply?

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This is last Friday’s photo, since I forgot to post one then. This is from an abandoned house to the north of me. It’s a very interesting place and I want to do an entire series of photos on it when I have the free time. I have taken a number of photos, but have not edited them yet. I’m not really sure what the survey marker this sign is talking about, but I think it was knocked over long ago. So, does it still apply? Am I still to not disturb the nearby survey marker? If so, I don’t know where the marker is. Either way, hope you enjoy the photo.

Do not disturb

Survey Marker © Chris Lane Photo

08 Jul

I was so creeped out taking this photo

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Today’s photo comes from one of the creepiest basements I have been in. This is #18 in my 52 week project. This also comes courtesy of the Tokina 11-16mm lens I recently rented. You can see a review of that in this post. This basement has so many stories to it and I have just begun to photograph it.
I liked this photo so much, I thought I would give it away as a free wallpaper also. It really is best viewed large.So you can download that (1.5MB) here, at 1440×900 pixels.
Metadata is f/2.8, ISO 400, at 4.0 sec shutter speed. Lens was at 11mm. It has a fair amount of retouching, but I wouldn’t say a lot.

Buy a print here.

The Basement Hallway

Basement Hallway © Chris Lane Photo

17 May

Featured Artist – Chris Maskell

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One of my favorite photography subjects is urban exploration and abandoned building photography. Unfortunately, I am unable to do much, if any, urban exploration (urbex) because I live in such a rural location. I do occasionally get to some abandoned houses, but time only permits so much. So I approached photographer Chris Maskell, who is based in London to ask him a few questions and feature his great HDR work.

The Music Does Not Live Here Anymore © Chris Maskell

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