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26 Jun

#SooC52 Week 23 – Hands

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I’m almost caught up now! This week’s theme was chosen by Pete, who never seems to have an idea what to do when he chooses a theme! His photo for this week is pretty awesome though, so go check it out.

Still trying to get caught up quickly, so I did this one fairly off the cuff. This is my little baby (9 month old now!) trying to grab my camera as I tickled her with the lens and then backed away.

Baby hands

Baby Hands © Chris Lane Photo
ISO1000, f/1.8, 1/60, 50mm, Canon 5D MII

This shot is pretty blurry to be honest. It wasn’t at all effective to try to focus on her hands as I backed away (which was the only way I could get her to put her hands up like this in the first place) as it wouldn’t catch the right thing and then she would move instantly. This was definitely a touch and go operation. So, what I did was set my lens to manual focus, set it to as close as it could get, then backed away and snapped it when it looked like her hands were in focus. This is exceptionally hard when you have such a tiny depth of field of aperture 1.8! I could have used a narrower aperture to increase the depth, but since the subject is hands, I wanted only that in focus and her face out of focus. I think I mostly accomplished this. I also could have used more light. I just had her on the floor with the ceiling light on and some fading window light camera left. That at least would have increased my shutter speed, to reduce potential movement blur from both me moving the camera, as well as her hands moving.

I still think it’s kind of a cute shot, personally. Her bokeh smile in the background and the position of her hands is what makes it for me. And I have to remember not every winning shot is crystal clear. But I’ll still try harder next time!

I just realized I’m going to get crap from the rest of the guys because I have yet another red image! haha

06 Jul

Lightning! Killdeer!

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Just a couple photos to post for today. We had an impressive storm on the 4th with ridiculously hard rain fall. But before the rain came some decent lightning. I didn’t catch much on camera, but I did get a couple fairly unimpressive blasts. It is however, the first time (that I can recall) getting actual lightning in a photo.

Lightning photo © Chris Lane Photo

Lightning photo © Chris Lane Photo

I also came across these baby killdeer on my driveway today. I haven’t used my long lens in a while, and especially the macro function (used on the baby) so I thought it would be good practice to follow these guys around. The babies (there were four of them) were quite cute and my little boys loved them.

Killdeer have a very interesting tactic of acting injured as they lure predators away from their young. When I was photographing them, they failed to demonstrate for me, unfortunately.
Adult killdeer © Chris Lane Photo

Interestingly, killdeer are able to run as soon as they hatch from their eggs. I’m not sure how old these young ones were.
baby killdeer © Chris Lane Photo

This one was hiding in the grass.
baby killdeer © Chris Lane Photo

17 Jun

Maternity Photo in the Sunset

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Here is photo #15 in my 52 week project. It is one from my recent maternity photo shoot with my wife for our third child. I wanted a very warm and welcoming look outside and what better way than to shoot into the warmest object around – the sun. This photo is basically straight out of the camera with some very minor edits in Camera RAW.

Shot at ISO 200, 1/250 at f/2.2 at 50mm.

Maternity Photo 2011

Maternity 2011 © Chris Lane Photo

06 May

The Marathon Runner

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This is number 11 in my 52 week project. This photo goes quite a ways back actually. This is my first son when he was less than a year old yet. I have it dated at 08/08/08 of all things. This is fully natural ambient lighting.
I like to think he is stretching out getting ready to run a marathon, and in fact he was walking by 9 months, which I think is pretty incredible. He was also a ridiculous climber of everything, much to the chagrin of my wife and I. He could get into absolutely anything.

The Marathon Runner

The Marathon Runner © Chris Lane Photo

10 Mar

How to design a formal invitation

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Invitation closeup - header
My wife and I recently sent out these invitations announcing the future birth of our next child. This is our third child and we thought it would be fun to announce it with a formal & fancy meal. We instead decided on making a bunch of appetizers that people have probably never tried before such as artichokes, jacama, tomatillos, cactus leaves and other stuff.
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