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31 Aug

Villainous Monstrosities! Macro photo series of insects

Chris Lane / photography / / 3 Comments

Dragonfly Head closesup © Chris Lane Photo
Today I have a continuation in my series that I am dubbing the Villainous Monstrosities. This will be the name for my macro series of bugs of all sorts. I intend to make a logo for the series and will write about the process of that here on my blog as well. This will be an ongoing series and I will put them into a new subcategory in my portfolio under the Other category in photography.
I will warn you now, there are some pretty nasty fellas in this series including more arachnids. I will put the spiders at the bottom, since I know so many people are bothered by them, that way, if you are, you can avoid them.

On to the creepy crawlies! (If you are ever interested in ordering a fine art print of any of these photographs, please use my print order page here.)

The header image is a really close shot of this dragonfly:
Dragonfly © Chris Lane Photo

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22 Jun

Insect Macro Fun!

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Here are a few photos of some insects I took with my new Tamron 70-300mm f/4 Macro Lens. So far I am really liking this lens. It could be faster, like f/2.8 would be great, but was definitely within my budget too. Just to warn you, these images will get really up close and personal with some pretty nasty bugs. And if you don’t like spiders, don’t go all the way to the end!
And on to the photos. (and just to say, some of these are available for prints, if you were really into bugs!)

Mosquito Hawk © Chris Lane Photo

June Bug © Chris Lane Photo

Phyllophaga aka June bug © Chris Lane Photo

Green Insect © Chris Lane Photo

House Fly © Chris Lane Photo

Weevil Larvae © Chris Lane Photo

yellow jacket wasp © Chris Lane Photo

white moth © Chris Lane Photo

spider shell © Chris Lane Photo

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