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14 Aug

How I almost lost nearly 200 photos

Chris Lane / Business, Camera parts / / 2 Comments

…and what I learned from it.

I recently went to do some location/event photography at the county fair for the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council I was there for a number of hours and took a slew of photos (around 162 give or take) and promptly backed them up to my desktop when I got home. The following weekend I was going on another trip for the NWMNAC for photography so I dumped all my cards, just in case I had forgotten previously. Since there were many gigabytes of data, it took a considerable amount of time to move. So, not wanting to waste time just sitting in front of a screen waiting, I left it to go and went to do something else.

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10 Mar

How to design a formal invitation

Chris Lane / Design / / 0 Comments

Invitation closeup - header
My wife and I recently sent out these invitations announcing the future birth of our next child. This is our third child and we thought it would be fun to announce it with a formal & fancy meal. We instead decided on making a bunch of appetizers that people have probably never tried before such as artichokes, jacama, tomatillos, cactus leaves and other stuff.
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15 Dec

Christmas card designs

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Now available exclusively to my clients are the following Christmas card designs. I designed these myself, so they are unavailable anywhere else. Most designs are available in both vertical and horizontal layout.
Clients can choose which photo(s) they want displayed out of their photo set and what words they want written. There is no minimum order and you can get any combination of cards if you want more than one variety (unlike most sites that require ordering in quantities of 20).
It is a little late now for photography services before Christmas, but these cards will also be available next year as well as more I design for 2011. Hope to hear from you soon!

4×8 card designs

Holiday card

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