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25 Jul

#SooC52 Week 24 – Rich

Chris Lane / photography / / 2 Comments

This is only a little over a month late! I think we are actually into week 29 now! Things have been crazy over the summer for me I guess. You should see my garden. Or, i mean, my patch of weeds. What do you do.. So, here is my week 24 of which I chose the theme – Rich! I had a picture pretty well in mind when I chose this. It only took me near on forever to get it done. The idea was of a person that thinks of themselves as rich, though isn’t actually. Rich is all a state of mind! I don’t think my photo turned out quite like I had hoped, as I meant it as a joke. My wife said our vehicles aren’t really rusty and crappy enough. But this is my “fleet” of vehicles. So, it’s a bit of an inside joke that they aren’t as nice as they appear. The jeep on the end doesn’t currently run. The explorer is our best vehicle (and fairly expensive) so nothing funny there. The black motorcycle, runs ok, but there is something wrong with it using up gas far too quickly. The lawn mower, obviously not really a vehicle, but is a total piece of crap. But hey, when I get it started, at least it runs. The orange motorcycle doesn’t currently run. The white car is my light on gas cheap runner. It works ok, but certainly isn’t anything special. The pickup is ok, but is stuck in 4×4 Hi, so it has it’s problems too. Then of course the grass is WAY overgrown in this spot. In the background is a taken down tree. On the other side is a crappy shed. I had hoped to frame in my in-progress house that looks junky currently but it didn’t fit properly. Then there is me in front, trying to look as d-baggish as possible. Not sure if I really succeeded in this shot or not, but I think the story at least outlines my thoughts.

The Fleet

Rich Life the Fleet © Chris Lane Photo
ISO100, f/13, 1/250, 28mm

Hope you enjoy my little slice of the rich life. I know you could only wish you were me. Comment below!
Also, Eje and Pete are still in the running with images! They are behind as well, but we’re all getting there somewhat.
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19 Mar

#SooC52 Week 10 – Automobile

Chris Lane / photography / / 2 Comments

I am working on catching up, as I am still behind. Week 9’s subject was chosen by Bruce. But come to think of it, he hasn’t posted his yet either so I’m not the only one late! Anyway, I don’t have very many really nice vehicles like Eje and I don’t have any cool remote control sports cars like Pete. I thought maybe if it was more like Spring and not Winter, I could take a fun mudding picture or something, but it’s still pretty snowy and icy out. So I thought I’ll stick with smaller toys. I wanted to try my hand at a follow/panning shot. So I had Tristan push these cars and I’d follow it with the lens while taking the photo simultaneously. This is harder than you’d expect! Combine that with how hard it is for a six year old to push two cars at the same speed on the same path! So we did this quite a number of times and trying to keep the other kids out of the way in the process. So here it is:

The Chase

Auto © Chris Lane Photo
Canon 5D MII, 70-300mm lens at 100mm, f/5, 1/40, ISO1600

The shot isn’t panning as much as I’d like, as the cars weren’t driving quite as fast as they should, but the position of the cars I think turned out quite good. Your thoughts?

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