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23 Dec

An experimental photo

Chris Lane / photography / / 1 Comment

I originally intended for my Friday photos to be of an experimental sort. I want to try something new, something I haven’t tried before, something different. So when I was browsing my enormous backlog of unedited photos I came across this shot below in a group of test shots I was using to set up for a family photo. I ended up using the cats from this frame to photoshop into the group (have you ever tried taking a family photo with 5 animals?!) but otherwise this photo is generally just trash. But I thought, eh, what better way to experiment with something than a picture that really doesn’t matter if I “screw up.”
So I tore this picture apart with layers and and various things. I was just looking for something interesting, it didn’t matter whether the picture succeeded or failed as a picture on its own. But I did end up liking the result. I don’t think I’d frame it for a wall, but it has an interesting, to me, graphic quality about it. I’d love to hear what you think. This is Friday photo #27?

Graphic Couch

Graphic Couch © Chris Lane Photo