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14 Jun

Should I chop off the top of the head?

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The title is in reference to portrait photography and alternative composition styles. I recently posted on twitter for suggestions for a post and got a reply from @twenty3times with a question:

I thought this was a great idea for a post. I will expand on the initial question and talk a little about alternative face portrait compositions as well. My son Tristan (4yrs) graciously and with waning patience helped me out with this. I sat him in a chair next to the window for a simple fairly traditional portrait style sitting and proceeded to shoot while moving my camera around.

The most traditional shot would be something like this:

Traditional portait sitting © Chris Lane Photo

Well, maybe not with that pose, but you get the idea!
So the question was, how does it work to lop off the top of a head? I tried a variety of shots with that in mind:
multiple images © Chris Lane Photo

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15 Feb

Like Cookies? The Good and the Bad of Food photography

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Who doesn’t like a good cookie? But when marketing cookies, there are good ways and bad ways of doing it. Quality photography can do wonders in selling more of your product, whether it be food, such as this case, or real estate, or furniture, or anything else. Certain ways of taking a photograph can lead to making the cookies more (or less) appetizing. Lighting, composition, depth of field, as in all photography, can affect the appearance of the food.
I all too often see businesses just taking snapshots with a point-and-shoot from a bad angle and direct flash. It makes the cookies much less appetizing. And if the white balance is off, the cookies can look downright bad. Here is an example of a typical picture you might see at your local unaware baker.

Bad Cookies

As you can see in this picture, even if the product is arranged in a decent way, the bad lighting can just put the whole thing off. This photo doesn’t make me want to immediately buy and enjoy these cookies. Which is a shame because the cookies still might be just as delicious. Restaurants that are members of national chains often have bad local photos against professional photos in the menu. When viewed together, the professionally photographed product will far outsell the poorly photographed product.
Now take a look at this photo of the exact same batch of cookies.

Good Cookies © Chris Lane Photo

Which cookie would you honestly want to buy? Good lighting and composition go a long way to a sale. Background elements can help as well, as I placed the glass of milk behind the plate. This can just make the photo that much more appetizing. Good photographs often lead to impulse buys and if used in advertising can bring many more customers into the stores.
Let good photography and design work for you and your business. It is well worth the time, energy, and money invested as the return will be much greater in the end.

If run a restaurant and you have some food you would like photographed, or any other product for that matter, send me a message and we can talk about getting your product sold faster and easier. If you have anything to add on this subject, please do so in the comments below.

12 Oct

Critique – Jason

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Today’s image comes from Jason. I emailed Jason to see if there was any further form of contact, but he didn’t reply. If you are reading this Jason, feel free to leave a comment below if you have a website or gallery space anywhere you would like to direct people.
Image for critique from Jason
Here he has a photo of a couple in love. I like the fact that their hands are clasped. Compositionally, this is a fine image. I’m guessing there wasn’t much model direction here, but the fact that the man has his knee up is a definite boon to the image. The knee is a nice visual offset for the falling hair of the woman. I think the composition would actually be significantly weaker if his leg was straight.
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