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08 Jan

Another disturbing defacement

Chris Lane / photography / / 3 Comments

This time around I am defacing my son, Tristan. He is 5 years old and loved doing this photoshoot. I told him to make as many weird and silly faces as he could think of. I only had him do a few things since he had so many ideas himself. This is the third defacement in the series. You can see the first one I did of myself here, it also shows more on how I did it. The second defacement I did of my mom.

I think this one turned out particularly disturbing, but I think it’s mostly the one wide eye. I laughed a lot while I was working on this; it is a lot of fun. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Tristan Defaced

Tristan defaced © Chris Lane Photo

14 Feb

Dude, don’t make fun of my mom.

Chris Lane / photography, Retouched / / 2 Comments

Even if she is defaced. With my last defacement project, of myself, I was told it was only a face a mother could love. Well, this time I have only a face a son could love. This composite image, including adjustment layers is 22 layers in total. It took about 2 hours of editing, but once again, there is no liquefying or real distortion within Photoshop done here. It is all actual manual facial manipulation. If you want to see more of how I did it, view my last defacement post here.

Mom defaced

Mom - Defaced © Chris Lane Photo