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13 May

Burn baby burn

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This weeks photo (#12) is something a little different. I was experimenting with a few things, like select color adjustment layer and seeing if adding in a render filter works in any way. I guess I will leave it up to you to decide. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Fire! © Chris Lane Photo

11 Mar

And now for something different

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Here is this weeks photo for my 52 week project. I think this makes 5 so far. I really went for something quite different this time. I actually took this photo last night (Thursday) while my son and I were playing in the snow. I used the on camera flash (shudder!) to get him sharp and still and then the yard light was behind him. After the flash went off I had a 2 second exposure and moved the camera around, effectively light painting with the yard lamp. I’ve never actually done a light painting photo before, though have known how for a long time.
I don’t entirely know why I like how this photograph turned out, but I do. I think part of it is Tristan’s expression as he looks into the sky along with the totally odd light rings around him. I decided, for no apparent reason besides whim, to make this shot look like an old polaroid, or cross-processed print.
I’d really like to hear what you think about this. Let me know in the comments below.

Lights in the sky

Lights in the sky © Chris Lane Photo

18 Oct

You must experiment!

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Failure to experiment leads to craft shows and chintzy work.

The whole process of creating art is completely subjective and open to interpretation at all bounds. I want to urge everyone to not be afraid to experiment in their work. Artwork can be created by the numbers, but most viewers will be able to tell it is done in a formulaic way. It won’t stand out amongst the crowd. I recently attended a local arts & craft show and I couldn’t count how many people were selling mostly the same stuff. If it wasn’t rock bracelets, it was plywood cutout figures. They might be good at what they do when making those figures, but they weren’t willing to experiment. All of them looked the same, to the point I was wondering if they weren’t homemade but rather being resold from elsewhere. That means that they were either being made from a pattern or the entire genre has simply become stagnant.

The thing about experimentation is that no one has to know. Photography, for example, is great for experimentation. It is so easy to try something new, especially with digital cameras. Try getting lower, to the point of laying in the grass, and get a shot from a worm’s eye view.
Grass closeup

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