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23 Dec

An experimental photo

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I originally intended for my Friday photos to be of an experimental sort. I want to try something new, something I haven’t tried before, something different. So when I was browsing my enormous backlog of unedited photos I came across this shot below in a group of test shots I was using to set up for a family photo. I ended up using the cats from this frame to photoshop into the group (have you ever tried taking a family photo with 5 animals?!) but otherwise this photo is generally just trash. But I thought, eh, what better way to experiment with something than a picture that really doesn’t matter if I “screw up.”
So I tore this picture apart with layers and and various things. I was just looking for something interesting, it didn’t matter whether the picture succeeded or failed as a picture on its own. But I did end up liking the result. I don’t think I’d frame it for a wall, but it has an interesting, to me, graphic quality about it. I’d love to hear what you think. This is Friday photo #27?

Graphic Couch

Graphic Couch © Chris Lane Photo

18 Oct

You must experiment!

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Failure to experiment leads to craft shows and chintzy work.

The whole process of creating art is completely subjective and open to interpretation at all bounds. I want to urge everyone to not be afraid to experiment in their work. Artwork can be created by the numbers, but most viewers will be able to tell it is done in a formulaic way. It won’t stand out amongst the crowd. I recently attended a local arts & craft show and I couldn’t count how many people were selling mostly the same stuff. If it wasn’t rock bracelets, it was plywood cutout figures. They might be good at what they do when making those figures, but they weren’t willing to experiment. All of them looked the same, to the point I was wondering if they weren’t homemade but rather being resold from elsewhere. That means that they were either being made from a pattern or the entire genre has simply become stagnant.

The thing about experimentation is that no one has to know. Photography, for example, is great for experimentation. It is so easy to try something new, especially with digital cameras. Try getting lower, to the point of laying in the grass, and get a shot from a worm’s eye view.
Grass closeup

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